Review of “the Path of the Metal Turtle”

My Solo CD was recently reviewed on Handpan Magazine.

Read an excerpt below or check out the full review here.

“David Kuckhermann is something of a percussive mastermind, skilled in Frame drum, Cajon, Udu, and more recently, Hang, and HandPan. And that percussive background is shiningly evident in his style of HandPan play (in a good way). With controlled hands whirling in perfect rhythm in ways that those of us less skilled, can only at best, use as a yardstick towards which to aim.

Deliciously hypnotic, and mysterious, The Path of the Metal Turtle features six HandPan (Including Hang, Halo, and SPB), across eleven tracks. And while I intended to half-listen to this album while tidying (long-overdue) my apartment, it soon became obvious that this would be impossible, and in some small way, unjust. There was nothing for it but to fluff up a large pile of cushions, lay back my head, close my eyes, and take the journey in its entirety. Savoring every beat, and resonant tone. Like a man enjoying every morsel of his final meal… “

New Solo CD released




All instructional DVDs available for reduced price

update: the offer is not valid any more

As many of you might have realized, percussion-net has been offline for a while. The website needs to be completely re-programmed. All DVDs will be available for a reduced price of $39 for a limited amount of time.

Buy a DVD or send us a donation to help cover the expenses and bring percussion-net back online.

Review of the Complete Cajon Iphone/Ipad App

The new Cajon App for Iphone and Ipad was recently rated a perfect 4 out of 4 rating by Check out the review here:

I published some free promo codes on my facebook page, if you want to be notified about stuff in the future, just “like” me there:

New Duo Project with Nadishana

Together with my dear friend, the Russian Multi-Instrumentalist Vladiswar Nadishana, we started to work on a new Duo program.

Nadishana will be featured on my upcoming Solo CD/DVD with hang and handpan music, and we will record a full Duo CD later this year. Check out the first video of the new project, “the Voice of the Fallen Angels”, a piece for hang and handpans.

Cajon Iphone/Ipad app released

Complete Cajon 1 was released for Iphone and Ipad.

Learn how to play the cajon with the complete 2 hour video from David’s instructional DVD Complete Cajon 1. The video is now available as app in the appstore for Iphone and Ipad:

App Store Link

About David

my name is David Kuckhermann. Welcome to my website. You can find lots of free tutorials and videos, and information about frame drums, cajon, Udu, Hang and other hand percussion, my different projects, my label and series of instructional DVDs. Make sure to check out the frame drum video podcast which features amazing percussionists from all over the world who share their music. I hope you have a good time here.

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DVD Testimonials

for David's DVDs on Frame Drums, Riq and Cajon

"The best instructional video I have ever seen" - Haruhi Taniguchi

“…fantastically put together and a must for anyone starting out on the frame drum. The slow motion clips are perfect for people to analyse the techniques and get the correct technique happening.” – Pete Lockett

“I’m stunned! The quality of the teaching and the product is just amazing.” – Paul Marshall

“This is in my opinion the most complete work around this unique and magic tambourine for intermediate and advanced players” – Andrea Piccioni

"In short, a modern approach to a traditional Middle Eastern instrument. Absolutely fantastic, inspiring and recommended!" - Fabian Feld