PanArt Hang Drum

Handpan tutorial – 7/8 variations

This tutorial teaches some possibilities to play 7/8 patterns on a handpan. (such as PanArt Hang, SpB, Halo, BellArt Bells, etc.) In the first video the different patterns are explained, and in the second video you can see a composition based on those patterns.   The instrument in this video is an SpB made in […]

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cajon tutorial

Cajon Solo Phrases in 9/8

Solo phrases on the Cajon over some Turkish 9/8 Variations. Always 3 bars of groove followed by one bar of “break” on the solo drum. Notation below. This video is part of the instructional DVD “Complete Cajon 1″.

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Frame Drum Lapstyle

Frame Drum Basic Lesson (Lapstyle)

Drums like these are played in the middle east with hands and fingers. Glen Velez created a new style of playing this instrument, adapting techniques from different framedrumming traditions. It is basically a framedrum without a thumbhole between 14″ and 20″, modern versions sometimes even bigger. Sometimes there is a cross in the inside of […]

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frame drum upright

Frame Drum Basics (upright)

This is a type of framedrum that has many names and you find it in a lot of different countries and music-cultures. It is basically a simple frame with a skin and sometimes a thumbhole or space for the thumb. It is part of the middle-eastern percussion section, and also used a lot in spiritual […]

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cajon tutorial

Cajon – Bossa Nova

Video Tutorial from Instructional DVD Complete Cajon 1

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daburka tutorial

Darbuka Basic Lesson

This is the typical goblet-shaped drum used in middle eastern music. There are different versions, like the egyptian version with a round rim and the turkish one, on which some different techniques are used. Most Darbukas nowadays are mostly made from metal with a synthetic head, but as the modern fingerstyle of playing gets more […]

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daburka tutorial

Darbuka – Solo Phrases over the Malfuf

David demonstrates ideas and phrases for solo phrases over the Malfuf playing using the Turkish split-hand technique.

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Riq Basic Lesson

The tambourin of the Arabic world. It has 10 pairs of jingles in 2 rows around the frame. The skin is usually fish-skin, but also different kinds of animal skins and synthetic skin are used. It is played with a very elaborated technique where the fingers hit the skin and also the jingles. watch the […]

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tonbak tutorial

Tonbak Basic Lesson

This goblet shaped drum is the main accompagnying percussion instrument in Iranian Art music. It has the shape of a wine glass. Very characteristic for the sound is the Riz-E-Por. This roll is produced with the fingers of both hands. The playing style of this instrument became more rich and expressive by the work of […]

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cajon tutorial

Cajon Basics lesson

The cajon is a popular instrument in flamenco and cuban music. It´s made completely of wood, sometimes with a string in the inside to create a snare sound. In pop music it´s often used to emulate a drumset. Check out the online lesson to get started. the cajon video is part of David’s instructional […]

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About David

my name is David Kuckhermann. Welcome to my website. You can find lots of free tutorials and videos, and information about frame drums, cajon, Udu, Hang and other hand percussion, my different projects, my label and series of instructional DVDs. Make sure to check out the frame drum video podcast which features amazing percussionists from all over the world who share their music. I hope you have a good time here.

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DVD Testimonials

for David's DVDs on Frame Drums, Riq and Cajon

"The best instructional video I have ever seen" - Haruhi Taniguchi

“…fantastically put together and a must for anyone starting out on the frame drum. The slow motion clips are perfect for people to analyse the techniques and get the correct technique happening.” – Pete Lockett

“I’m stunned! The quality of the teaching and the product is just amazing.” – Paul Marshall

“This is in my opinion the most complete work around this unique and magic tambourine for intermediate and advanced players” – Andrea Piccioni

"In short, a modern approach to a traditional Middle Eastern instrument. Absolutely fantastic, inspiring and recommended!" - Fabian Feld